Kiko and Miho, Tsukiko Slip-ons by BucketFeet and Threadless

Kiko and Miho, Tsukiko BucketFeet slip-ons, Katsola.Threadless.Com

Designed by Katsola® Tsukiko BucketFeet Slip-on shoes
Designed by Katsola® Tsukiko BucketFeet Slip-on shoes produced by BucketFeet on my Threadless shop.
Designed by Katsola® Kiko and Miho Slip-on shoes
Design by Katsola® Kiko and Miho slip-ons produced by BucketFeet on my Threadless shop.

I love designing and creating products with my Kawaii Katsola original character designs. One of the online places I can produce print-on-demand products is Threadless. Using a print-on-demand website enables me to not overproduce products and lets me see what my fans and customers like best.

I have created three BucketFeet slip-on shoe designs for my Threadless Artists Shop, I purchased two of my designs as samples. The first pair is of my original Kawaii Katsola character Tsukiko and the second is my characters Kiko and Miho. I love how the color came out, the printing is clean, vibrant, and crisp. I typically wear a size 9 in shoes, but my feet are medium width. The shoes produced are standard width. I think this was the only thing I didn’t consider when ordering. I hope to speak with a customer who recently purchased a pair of Tsukiko shoes from my site to get their feedback on the fit. In the future, I may buy a 1/2 size up. I will update this post when I get their feedback.

My goal is to create more products with my designs. I haven’t been participating in artist markets for a couple of years since the pandemic, so I have been experimenting with designing products on Threadless and my other print-on-demand shops. I have been learning a lot over the last couple of years about designing products. My dream is to be as big as Sanrio and Tokidoki my two favorite brands.