Buy Your Friends Art Logo in black

Buy Your Friends Art Logo

Buy Your Friends Art Logo in black
Buy Your Friends Art Logo in color

During the pandemic I was commissioned to design a logo for “Buy Your Friends Art.” The concept of the company was to send handwritten notes on postcards and support local artists, designers and illustrators too. The client was inspired by luck, love, sunshine and the art of writing. The final logo is a simple, clean design with elements of fun. A letter enclosed in a horseshoe with a pencil and eraser at the top with the letters BYFA at the top. I wanted to make sure this logo would work in multiple applications and have a certain level of flexibility in terms of color palette.

Modern branding has to take into account new formats such as; web, social media and other digital platforms. It’s always a good idea to start with visualizing the logo as simple black and white. This can still apply to the digital world too, not just print by way of watermarks and simple social media posts.

Initial Round of logos presented.
Various Applications of the final logo design in various color and formats.
Color palettes and designs for print
Various social media icons for the Buy Your Friends Art logo
Social Media and Iconography for the logo suite