Ghostly Garden Tear Sheet with an image of a skull vase with creepy cute flowers; sea holly, hellobores and yellow star flowers.

Ghostly Garden

Magical Floral Mischief by: Katsola®

This floral based collection was created as part of “Stacie Bloomfield 5 Day Challenge.” The class’ goal is for each person to create their own ‘mini Flower Power collection’ over five days based on the Creative Brief provided by Stacie Bloomfield. The unifying element throughout the group is to follow the provided color palette in the Creative Brief. The deliverables include; a hero illustration, a supporting pattern illustration, a blender pattern illustration and a tear-sheet. I love to create Halloween and creepy cute, Kowaii, illustrations. I decided to start with a skull and some interesting flowers I purchased from Trader Joe’s as inspiration. My favorite floral purchased was the Sea Holly so I created a stylized version using the color palette in the Creative Brief.

Midnight Eerie Blooms
Twilight Floret Phantasm
Winter in the Haunted Garden
Ghostly Garden Logo with “Magical Floral Mischief by: Katsola®” tagline
Ghostly Garden Tear Sheet with images of a cute skull with night blooms, a picture of a repeating floral pattern in greens and pinks and a final image of a pattern of lines in green with white discs and circles
Ghostly Garden Tear Sheet
My first product using the collection, a 4×6″ Sticker Sheet that will be printed by Sticker Mule.